Conclusions of „Gold GF®

Summary and Conclusions of „Gold GF®” Trademark:


  • Minimum 5% 14-carat gold in alloy and 18-karat gold plating (not electroplating).
  • Product quality consistency over time.
  • Lifetime guarantee and after-sales service.
  • Easy returns within 60 days.
  • Fast global delivery (72 hours) and 24/7 online availability.
  • Licensed production in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and Japan (from 2025).


  • „Gold GF®” is a brand and a specification for jewelry and semi-finished products containing at least 5% 14-carat gold. All our jewellery and semi-finished products proudly bear the stamp, indicating the purity of gold used to made of piece: 9k GF™, 14k GF™ or 18k GF™
  • Distinct from gold-filled; 9-, 14- 18-carat gold layer only).
  • Legally protected worldwide, unlike gold-filled (primarily USA protection).

Production Process:

  • Two-stage: core creation (alloy of copper/silver/gold) and gold/platinum plating (at least 1 micron thick).

Key Differences:

  • More gold content and legal protection compared to gold-filled.
  • „Gold GF®” offers a higher standard of gold jewelry compared to gold-filled, with guaranteed minimum gold content, plating thickness,
  • global legal protection.
  • The detailed production process description suggests transparency and quality control.
  • additional quality assurances like lifetime guarantee .

Additional Notes:

  • The text emphasizes legal protection and global reach, suggesting potential targeting of international markets. However, it’s still not pure gold and contains other metals.