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14K GF® is a jewelry industry certification mark used on products that meet specific quality standards established by the trademark regulations. 14K GF® stamped merchandise, including both finished jewelry and semi-finished components for jewelry production, are crafted from an alloy containing at least 5% of 14-karat gold. All 14K GF®, 9k GF™ and 18k GF™ products adhere to the International Composite Gold Certification Standard Concilium (ICGCSC).
United Kingdom & Canada: Due to regulations in these countries, gold composite is marked as 9 GF™, 14 GF™, 18 GF™ and 24 GF™ or GF™.

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Gold GF®

Gold GF®” strives to make responsible luxury jewelry and semi-finished products accessible, promoting ethical & ecological sourcing, sustainable practices, and timeless design for a conscious and confident consumer and creator.”
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Trade under Gold GF® brand

Gold Filled Ltd brand management & marketing 
EU &  US, Fernost & China & Pakistan.
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Trade under Gold GF brand.

United Kingdom & Canada & Australia